ESOTERICA [a visually poetic series] x Freek Wallagh

Note from the Rebel’s Desk: In these difficult times, many artists are not able to show and sell their new work in galleries or art spaces, so Rough Night Press will be featuring work which will then be up for sale in the Commissary. The artists will receive most [we are only taking shipping costs] so please help support our poetic community at this time. COVID-19 precautions are being followed when shipping.

Freek Wallagh [Amsterdam, 1998] is a painter, a poet, and a revolutionary. He is the barstool bard of the Rough Night Press soldiers of debauchery: part rock & roll philosopher, part dandy warrior wingman, and a lot of Brood’s bravado. He has done spoken word tours [and performed often for RxNP] but his paintings are visual poetry at its finest. His latest series, ESOTERICA, is acrylic on canvas paintings employing collage techniques as well as religious and esoteric iconography and symbolism.

Images [L to R, clockwise] Aphrodite, Rosetta II, Rosetta I, Gomorra, Freek performs at our Rebel Poetry Reboot x Dokhuis Galerie, Amsterdam, January 2020

Check the sizes and prices at the Commissary where we sell degenerate art & poetic notions. We hate capitalism but by using your imaginary numbers and electricity to make our imaginary numbers bigger, we live to fight fascist dystopias another day.

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