IRRATIONAL LIBRARY x TO KNOW THAT YOU KNOW NOTHING [New Single from the Upcoming 2nd Album]





Rough Night Press is psyched to show you a hot-off-the-presses video from our favorite makers of spokensoul-rocknroll-funkedupfreedom-boogieforyourbrains-partyprotestmusic, Irrational Library! This was filmed at Vondelbunker during our event, UprisInk when they proved they are the badass new Beats.

The new album, Everything at All Times and All Things at Once, will be released September 20 via Suburban Records with a party in Haarlemtown at The Wolfhound Irish Pub where frontman Joshua Baumgarten also hosts underground poetry jams. The other hepcats in this ensemble are Tom de Haan on baritone sax and guitar, Mishal Zeera on bass, and Lars van der Weiden on drums.

The Irrational Library is calling out to the world to wake up! to get up! to dig in and to get down!

And the poets and madmen at Rough Night Press heed the call.


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