Little Attic Sessions

Win H. LAS front cover

What do audiences look for in a young woman poet after the teen angst is gone and with it the cutting, the Ritalin, the Prozac, junkie chic and bitten red fingernails?

Does the reader want a pithy, twelve-step renaissance somewhere around the late twenties, neatly swallowing the feminist pill like it’s the gateway drug to embracing the sisterhood of female poets?

But what if you are like writer of poems, win harms, with a heat-seeking bullshit detector who doesn’t give a shit about feminism because chivalry can’t be dead if you’ve never heard of it.?

Recorded at Anters Studio in Winter of 2016, Little Attic Sessions is a spoken word album from the poet, win harms. It includes work from her debut book, In Harms Way and titles from her upcoming volume, Mokum Mantras. Recording and Production by Guido van Asselt. For details on how to purchase it, use our contact page.

Check out her site here


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