Poetic Synthonautics is a collaborative project of spoken word poetry and electronic soundscapes.  The immersive musically poetic journey is asking the listener to see reality without filters or illusion as we guide them through the dark night of the soul and to break free of the societal patterns that have put us on the edge of existence.

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Dystopia/Kids Can’t Dance


This. Is. Not. A. Destination.

This dystopian dialogue begins with a kiss

Nouveau Vandal dreams control


Contain Fluxus philosophy chaos

Lost children stumbling towards Revolution

Insecure about morning’s blinding solution

All of our Former Plans Feel Futile

Climate controlled smoke signals to pandemic pioneers at the edge of existential dread

The fabled damned give form to layers of uncertainty

Mimicking scars of wandering saints lost in memory


Kids Can’t Dance

I found darkness drifting on an endless plane

After I drove off alone for another goodbye

Love seen best from shadows of our perception

As I sip the last drop of serenity in conflicted chaos

This wind blows countless nights like some drunken cowboy

And I want another drink

My dynamic self is strained if I do not bury the past

In an electric hum buzzing

It offers itself like paycheck to paycheck

Gin-soaked nostalgia over shattered glass

Where are the stars?

Confined in a cell of my own destruction I dance amid indifferent creators

The demise of dignity reeks of defeat

Tomorrow’s headache begs me to lick his wounds

Traces of the screaming where we pondered

Countless attempts at cynicism through semi-erotic conversation

I am alive in wonder as home teams lose words on the blade of my accent

His eyes sparkle in foreign languages

Sitting on stars with power closing in on

Motorcycle wrapped nights that have no end

We dare to exist despite this apocalypse

When love becomes an act of rebellion

Individually, our work is experimental but by collaborating, it becomes revolutionary and this needs to ripple out if we want to be the change we want to see in the world. Artists are here to translate chaos into beauty and push boundaries while creating a collective experience.  The experimental electronic soundscapes are produced by a pair of sound designers searching for new-sound expression and provide a dystopian backdrop for a metaphorical battle cry written by a poet looking for new ways to bring poetry to those who may not be familiar.

Though from different backgrounds, poet, Win Harms (a.k.a. MSCHF), and sound designers, Lorenzo Mirra (a.k.a I // O) & Stefano Messina (a.k.a. MotusAnimi) met doing events at Vondelbunker, a cultural free space in Amsterdam run by volunteer activists with a diverse program of music, art, theatre, film, and political talks. Even though our beloved DIY spaces are closed, for the time being, we continue to create together and look for new methods to remain an artistic community and share it with you Rough Night pandemic pioneers.

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