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Fractal/80 Proof Love


Fractal conflictions go beyond the YOU or I cutting up the past

The animal in you revolts yet excites

It’s the human in you that muddles my intellect

It is what we DO that defines

I don’t want to be trailer trash manifestations of nail polish names

Glass shatters with Brando bravado scenting the air with broken trust

The revolution looks different than I dreamed

Rebellion better suited to the beautiful youth

I want to cut through the cosmic bullshit and comprehend connections

But Dharma is sidetracked by human drama

Desolation angels afraid of our roots

Searching for homes that will never exist

Penetrate the mirror reflecting infinity

I count mothers on a madman’s rosary

Perceiving life as prayer, poetry, or pornography

Pure manic blues perched precariously

Kamikaze finish to a fractured dream machine

80 Proof Love

i was dreaming of conclusion when i heard the crash of a hard drive mind in a yellow raincoat his dreams got squared by a second grade teacher who kicked a girl out of class for having cool ideas she says that kids don’t live the way they should radical plans to rule the world i’d run away to canada but i hate the cold eyes of his girlfriend as he sneaks a look in my direction and in his mind i’m running my hands across his thighs i could not help to crucify her in a drunken state on a cross made of bedposts let her die for my sins it plays a trick on my mind i think it’s his knock but white trash climb in my bed and whisper hell into my head if i could get away i would believe in god since it would take a miracle to pull me away from an 80 proof love i chased the tequila sunrise with a three month hangover and i was handcuffed to the steering wheel with my own addictions i saw him die that night with a head full of acid and a stain on his shirt somehow we made it back and i could swear the pavement was melting as she drove past the motel for the seventh time i wanted the gun that held me the night before but it was too late for we were already dead

Poetic Synthonautics is a collaborative project of spoken word poetry and electronic soundscapes.  The immersive musically poetic journey is asking the listener to see reality without filters or illusion as we guide them through the dark night of the soul and to break free of the societal patterns that have put us on the edge of existence.

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