Now something for the poetic paupers & worshippers of the spoken word…

Our friends from across the pond, New River Press have rediscovered the cult Downtown LA poet Robert Lundquist, one of the rising stars of the ’70s Santa Cruz renaissance. Most of you are familiar with his contemporary, Charles Bukowski who cemented the archetype of the alcoholic poet into the collective conscience.

Lundquist was published in the Paris Review and was on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list ‘Best 100 American Poets’ but stopped publishing due to the addictions and disillusionment that come with the American Dream. 40 years later, he is made a rare appearance in Europe to read from his first major work, After Mozart (Heroin On 5th Street) and we decided to gather some utter rascals and social bandits in celebration of lost genius.

This collaborative lineup includes poets from Rough Night Press and New River Press

Talitha Mayisha
Poetics x Win Harms
Hans Plomp
Rushika Wickramasinghe
Joshua Baumgarten
The Rocknroll Sailor Journal
Ana Sefer
Sophie Naufal
Hannah Pezzack
Jessica St James
Beat McGuire
Robert Lundquist

Here is a link to Lundquist’s new book:

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