Rough Night Arts Lab 2.0


November 8, 2018  19:30 (Food) 20:30/21? (Show)

Dokhuis Galerie, Plantage Dok, Amsterdam

We can’t believe they let us do it again, either! We are pairing up the sweetest, fiercest BeatChicks with the roughest, coolest Barstool Bards. Plus, PUPPETS! The Earwurms, the new Amsterdam riotgrrl rockers are going to close us out. It’s going to be a happening place to be on a Thursday night.

As usual, the 100% Vegan, No-waste meal is 6 EUR, soup is 2.  Beer (Butcher’s Tears!) and wine are cheap and entry to our Arts Lab is Gratis (which for you illiterate fucks means free, but then please don’t come). We do pass the hat to divvy out to the performers, so if you like what we are doing at Rough Night Press, dig deep and toss a coin in.

Featuring the spoken word stylings of (order TBD):

Joshua Baumgarten, The Irrational Library / The Poetry of Modern Urban Hope

Uncia, Badass Belle of the B&W Ball


Hannah Woods,THEY FUCK JUST LIKE US. Instagram

bart plantenga, Beer Mystic, Writerly etc.

Featuring a performance by The Earwurms

Hosted by:

Win Harms, Poet @ Large, In Harms Way

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