Rough Night at Dokhuis

We are back again at Dokhuis Galerie for a Rough Night of spoken word, cheap drinks, vegan food, and live music. We have a stellar lineup of international poets from Belgrade, Amsterdam, and Brazil! And, we have not one, but TWO musical acts, so you really don’t want to miss this one. Be there or be square (and you aren’t square, are you Daddy-O?)
Lineup (in no particular order)
and the premiere of Illegal Pussy, a short film by Win Harms ft. Leah Blits
As usual, there is a vegan meal starting at 7-ish that is 6 euro for a plate or 2 for soup and then we’ll have performances. Free entry, but we do pass the hat to support our artists. The management also requests we keep our conversations low while outside after 10 PM. We have nice neighbors, but they won’t be for long if cannabis smoking, biertje guzzling, rough night types stand under their windows at 11 at night arguing about nonsense like Ginsberg, cocaine, and the dark goddess.

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