Support the End of Late Stage Capitalism

The world is fucked up. The Rebel-in-Chief has been screaming it from repurposed pulpits or standing on pinball machines for years but has decided on a new approach. Don’t beat ’em, join ’em. So Rough Night Press is engaging in some late-stage capitalism in order to bring you poetry.

Our Commissary has items to help you through the journey to the end of the night. Items like journals for all your dark thoughts [or evil plots] decorated with visual poetry to spark inquisition or Postcards from the Edge to send some snail mail to comrades or frenemies. Publications such as the already [insta]infamous, Rx [retrograde rough times prescription] and limited edition poetic tomes are forthcoming. Just keep a weather eye on the Commissary tab of the menu.

We are also offering for sale original Degenerate Art & Deconstructed Visual Poetry [as well as limited edition prints]. Rough Night Press is reappropriating the concept of ‘degenerate art’ from the last fascists since new ones have arrived. This time we won’t be silenced.

If you have some artistic contraband [sorry, David, the word is too good] and are interested in slinging it in the Commissary, please send us an email at and see if we can work something out.

Keep writing. Keep creating. Keep raising hell while the whole shit house goes up in flames. Rebel on & buy cool stuff from the artists on the frontlines of an apocalypse.

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