Postcards from the Edge #3


In a digital age, we forget the hours spent writing birthday and thank you notes as our Miss Manners grandparents hovered nearby to correct our punctuation and the impact a handwritten note makes on the heart & fridge of those to whom we send it.

So instead of a soulless meme or copy/paste sentiment, one should take the time to trudge to the mailbox and pay the menial postage when they truly want to be sentimental.

However, this epoch is also bizarre, so Rough Night Press is offering a set of 4 hand decorated blank notes with vulgar, psychedelic, lustful, and surreal greetings (one of each) to pony express your sentiments to your 4 closest comrades, (fr)enemys, or cohorts.

Envelopes included though we would hope you already knew that.

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